Why Should I Detoxify? Never before in human history have we been exposed to so many environmental toxins in the air we breathe and the chemicals in our food, water, cosmetics, clothing, homes, and workplaces. Low levels accumulate in the body’s tissues from multiple sources. They build up year after year, increasing the toxic load that our bodies carry.

This can result in symptoms such as fatigue, rashes, brain fog, depression, etc. They may be manageable at first, but this gradual build-up can eventually lead to degenerative disorders, autoimmune, neurological, and hormonal imbalances. To reverse this problem and regain real health, we can learn to ease into a high-quality natural foods eating plan, and to facilitate detoxification with targeted nutrients known to enhance phase I and phase II detoxification processes.

To decide if a detoxification program might be beneficial for you, see where you stand with this list of the symptoms of toxicity and the health issues that are frequently related to toxicity: symptoms-of-toxicity

If you have enough symptoms to raise a red flag, then take this questionnaire from the Detox 360 manual: toxicity-profile-questionnaire .

If you sense that you or a loved one may have need of detoxification, I recommend Detox 360° by Apex Energetics. Contents of the Detox 360° starter program: detox-360-contains . The manual itself is very helpful. It’s well designed for easy access and reference, making the whole process much easier and simpler. You need less consultation time to set up the program –  we will adjust the program to your needs. Our time is better spent fine tuning than reinventing the wheel together.  The table of contents: detox-360-manual-table-of-contents will give you a better sense of the program.

More Than a Cleansing Program: Detox 360°™ is a multifaceted, foundational system, which incorporates many important clinical considerations in its planning and design. It addresses several key areas such as allergies, inflammation, toxicity, systemic and metabolic stress, mental-emotional stress, susceptibility factors, and much more. It is primarily a lifestyle-changing program, which helps anchor health-promoting habits and dietary adjustments that can become a new way of life. But, if desired, it can also be used periodically just to take advantage of its dramatic benefits. The goal of Detox 360°™ is to provide a clinically-tested system of dietary and lifestyle recommendations, with supportive formulas, which when used together, can significantly impact your health.

Detox 360

This 4-week program includes educational DVDs, a highly-detailed manual with easy-to-use food guides and recipes, daily journals, detailed explanations of toxicity sources, detox mechanisms, detox-promoting lifestyle practices, and optimized nutrition, as well as supportive therapeutics. The manual has a simple, step-by-step approach with clear explanations of how to complete each week’s regimen. It is a highly successful program due to it’s educational focus, it’s thorough daily guidance, and it’s clinically-based, high-quality therapeutics.

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