How we work

Comprehensive Initial Exam takes into consideration your past history, including previous medical testing and diagnosis. It is important to see what has been done and compare it to where you are today. Please bring a copy of prior lab tests that I can keep in your file here. (And be sure you have a copy for your own tracking and proactive health care management.)

Please fill out the forms at and bring them with you to your first appointment. (MAF, NTAF and Neurological Assessment for adults, Child NTAF for children.)

It is important to have knowledge of all your body systems and how they are working with each other. Only then can we begin to get a complete picture of your overall health and thyroid-brain-body connection.

After an in depth interview, where we discuss and review your body systems, diet and lifestyle, we will determine what further testing may be necessary and recommend an initial treatment plan. Expect this appointment to take 1 and a half hours.  Bring a recorder if you wish, or I can record the session and provide a digital copy for you to review.

Working with systemic issues like thyroid imbalance, especially if auto-immune, will require follow up sessions. The endocrine system is not simple. I am committed to providing clear and empowering information.

An old Chinese proverb says: “Long term illness makes a doctor of the patient.” We will use this in the best way to create a collaborative team effort where all that you’ve already learned about your own body will serve to fine-tune my expertise so together we can create a treatment plan that really works for you, your life, your goals.