Imagery for Autoimmune

Guided imagery and visualization calm the nervous system that drives fight/flight/freeze and supports the rest/digest response. They are useful parts of a holistic autoimmune reactivity-reducing treatment.  I use Belleruth Naparstak’s. You can purchase CDs or download them at  The particular recording I currently use is for Rheumatoid Arthritis or Lupus (SLE): The language is relatively non-specific, beyond some special references to joints. I use it for my own Hashimoto’s flares and know that even during nights of disturbed sleep, I am still supporting healing and restoration.

Other allergy recordings: Mind-Body Allergy Combo Set for Asthma includes Relieve Allergy, Reduce ReactivityReduce & Control Allergies and Relieve Asthma. They can be purchased separately.

Qi Gong talking to your thyroid Healing Technique:

A good thing to contemplate: Achieving Remission: The Goal of Treatment in Autoimmune Diseases and Chronic Disorders by Elaine Moore: